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PHW206A: Nutrition Assessment is a Course

PHW206A: Nutrition Assessment

Jan 11 - Mar 7, 2022
3.0 credits

Spots remaining: 5

$1,200 Enroll

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Nutrition assessment tools are used to evaluate an individual’s or population’s nutrition status and/or risk of specific nutrient excess or deficiency. This 3-unit course will discuss various dietary, anthropometric, clinical, and biochemical nutrition assessment tools and provide you with skills to determine which assessment tools are needed based on program/research project goals, how to interpret nutrition assessment survey results and apply them to populations, and critically evaluate the metrics used to define different types of malnutrition.

Instructors: Sarah Zyba, PhD

Course Cost: $400/unit

Course Credit: Certificate of Completion issued by UC Berkeley's School of Public Health

Cancellation Policy: Written cancellation notification must be emailed to prior to the start date of the class in which you are registered in order to qualify for a refund, less a 5% administrative fee.