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PHW220M: Health Policy Methods

Ended Oct 17, 2021
3 credits

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Full course description

This course serves as an introduction to key topics in health policy making in the United States, with a focus on policy analysis methods. Using the policy analysis framework of Eugene Bardach’s Eightfold Path first introduced in PHW200E, the course will explore the entire policy analysis process from the identification of a problem, to the evaluation of policy solutions, and finally to the techniques and formats for effective health policy communications.

Over the course of 8 weeks students will learn, practice and refine policy analysis skills in a team setting through a series of practical exercises. We will touch on the role of research and evidence in forming health policy, and the critical use of data and visualization in health policy contexts. Topics will include current and pressing issues in American health policy with ongoing discussions on equity, intersectionality and racial justice in policy analysis and decision-making.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will gain both a solid understanding of, and the practical skills to complete, the following:


  1. Build critical policy analysis skills to identify and evaluate the methods used for developing policy alternatives and understand the impact of existing public health policies.
  2. Critique the role of research and evidence in public health policy formation and evaluation.
  3. Describe our country’s institutional players (i.e., legislative, administrative, judicial), their roles in policy making and how to influence policy outcomes.
  4. Apply learned policy analysis skills to proposed and existing public health policies.
  5. Leverage critical analysis tools of language and framing to develop and advocate health policies in verbal and written communication deliverables.

Instructors: Irina TitovaElizabeth R Jekanowski

Course Cost: $400/unit

Course Credit: Certificate of Completion issued by UC Berkeley's School of Public Health

Cancellation Policy: Written cancellation notification must be emailed to prior to the start date of the class in which you are registered in order to qualify for a refund, less a 5% administrative fee.