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PHW250B: Epidemiologic Methods II is a Course

PHW250B: Epidemiologic Methods II

Aug 23 - Dec 19, 2021
4.0 credits

Spots remaining: 10

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Full course description

This course is an intermediate level course in epidemiology. It replaces previously approved and delivered courses PHW250F and PHW250G. Topics include causal inference; measurement of disease rates; inferential reasoning; research study designs, ecologic, case-control, cohort, intervention trials, meta-analytic designs; potential sources of bias, confounding, effect modification in research design are explored in depth; topics in clinical epidemiology, likelihood ratios, receiver operator curves, the sensitivity, specificity, predictive value of a test; brief introduction to logistic regression and survival analysis. Topics are covered at a advanced level than PH250A or PHW250. Readings from this course provide a firm foundation for PH250C.

Instructor: Andrew Mertens

Course Cost: $400/unit

Course Credit: Certificate of Completion issued by UC Berkeley's School of Public Health

Cancellation Policy: Written cancellation notification must be emailed to prior to the start date of the class in which you are registered in order to qualify for a refund, less a 5% administrative fee.